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Limited Time Offer!

Your partners at Control Solutions, Inc. are excited to offer you the opportunity to put three of our newest Aerosol products in your hands!

Fill out the below form, and we will send you a kit containing: 

  1. Tekko Trio Foam - Try this innovative new tool for controlling cockroaches and flies in commercial settings.  Contains Hydroprene, Novaluron & Pyriproxyfen!
  2. D-Fense NXT - A versatile aerosol specifically designed for bed bug control.  Can be sprayed directly on mattresses, seams and folds! Contains Deltamethrin, Novaluron & Pyriproxyfen. 
  3. Stryker Wasp & Hornet Killer - This powerful product shoots 20-feet in a direct line towards stinging insect nests; dropping them dead before they have a chance to send stinging signals to their nestmates.  
  4. Pressurized Solutions Holster to keep these tools handy at all times!

*Submit your form fast, this offer is only good while supplies last! 

**CALIFORNIA submissions are not eligible at this time. 

Additional Pressurized Solutions Products



Pivot Ultra® Plus

A combination of adulticides and an insect growth regulator work together to manage flea populations...

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Stryker® 5-4

A contact aerosol spray that includes an injector that flushes insects out of cracks and crevices...

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Spectre PS

An easy to use actuator that gets the product to where pests hide, craw, live. Kills the pests you don't see...

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Fuse® Foam

A combination chemistry® product that utilizes both Fipronil and Imidacloprid in a ready-to-use...

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